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Ira work’s as a freelance textile artist with special emphasis on embroidery, both hand and machine.
Her particular artistic vision lies in the creation of textured and tactile pieces of layered and stitched silks and synthetic fabrics together with other materials such as plastics and paper, which she paints, dyes, melts and burns to produce a crunchy surface often looking old, faded and worn, with some areas still showing original bright colours.
Ira favours abstract form, but the original design will have been based on realistic images, especially when working from a natural object. Shapes are often altered and colours changed, but the original image will still be recognisable.
She assembles layers of melted synthetic fabrics and silks, plastics and paper and then stitches through the layers with machine and hand stitching. Further melting and burning creates holes which are often stitched across showing another colour underneath.
Ira is inspired by natural forms like rock faces, lichen-covered walls, bark, fossils, shells, corals, pebbles and the sea drifting over wet sand.
The finished pieces are usually fragile and have to be mounted under glass to protect them from dust and humidity, but more robust pieces can be three-dimensional.
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