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Imagine a life without cloth...

Cloth is the silent companion of us all; used to protect, comfort and decorate.

Working with fabric has become an essential part of Liz’s life, and when stitched and embellished it embodies her thoughts and emotions.

Liz’s current focus is trees and the Celtic mythology associated with them.

Currently she uses West African strip cloth to create vibrant heavily stitched cloths.

She also enjoys using silk fibres, handmade paper, and  experiments with hemp, ramie, bamboo and other unusual fibres to create fabric backgrounds for stitch.
34 - Liz Hewitt - Linden
38 - Liz Hewitt - Coll
Liz Hewitt
36 - Liz Hewitt - Memories
35 - Liz Hewitt - Water Still my Soul
37 - Liz Hewitt - Sewing Mends the Soul